Дженни Перова. Книжный червь

Awesome bookworms

A discussion on Twitter on the topic of “bookworms” — beetle larvae that tunnel through the paper and parchment pages of old books — reminded me just how common their damage is in medieval books. Diving into my database of medieval images I was also struck by the variety of damage: some holes are tiny, others big; some are alone on the page, others are accompanied by dozens others; some holes stop after a few pages, some dig deep into the heart of the book. A hole on the page may even be used for a funny drawing, like the image of the sad face whose eye is a hole. Above all, looking at these images made me realize that a page pierced by hungry larvae can also be quite beautiful. Enjoy!

Pics: Chicago University Library, MS 102 (bookbinding, inside), Liverpool, University Library, MS F.3.13 (bookbinding, outside), Monte Cassino (big hole near heart of page), Arabic manuscript (Balamand, Lebanon), Dubrovnik archives (close-up of hole, sent to me by @EmirOFlipovic), St Gall, Stiftsbibliothek, MS 14 (hole for an eye).

This is what my information preservation professor likes to refer to as “the work of biological agents.”

What was so especially delicious about that top book?



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